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How To Find The Perfect Self-Tanning Shade For YOU

The dark days of fake tanning are OVER!

No longer will we suffer a patchy, orange faux tan, instead we have created The Skincare Tan by infusing skin-loving ingredients with the highest quality DHA to work in conjunction with your skin, giving you the perfect bronze tone every time.

Faux tan has so many additional benefits, it can smooth and perfect your skin, disguise unevenness & help contour your look.

But what shade should you try?

It all depends on your personal preference. One of our co-founders is pale with red hair but actually loves our ultra-dark shade! That’s because it’s the best way for her to achieve a deep, natural glow.

The incredible benefit of our 3 in 1 formula is how evenly it wears off.

There’s no need for scrubbing or purchasing fake-tan removers because this nourishing formula wears off so naturally that you really can have a healthy glow all year round without anyone realising it's fake. 

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Which Tan, Treat, Hydrate shade is right for me?

Your Tan, much like your foundation, is a personal choice & is based on your own personal preferences. 

If you're a confident faux tanner then go ahead and choose your favourite Tan, Treat Hydrate shade based on your desired end result.

However, for newer or less confident tanners we recommend you start with Medium as it will naturally work with the Melanin in your skin and give you a gorgeous glow.

(You can then work your way up to the darker shades if that’s your preference or simply apply 2 layers of medium!)

Here’s a breakdown of our shade guide:

The shade you should choose depends on what your desired result is, here is a guide to help.

Fair skin: Known as the palest skin tone, fair skin is often accompanied by freckles and cool, pink undertones. 

Medium - a light natural tan tone

Dark - a warm, sun-kissed glow

Ultra dark - a deeper, golden tan

Medium skin: Complexion has yellow and golden undertones and skin is naturally tanned ranging from pale beige to a deeper bronze.

Medium - a warm, natural tan

Dark - a deeper, sun-kissed glow

Ultra dark - a dark, rich tan  

Dark skin: A rich bronze complexion that commonly has warmer undertones. 

Medium - an smooth, radiant tan

Dark - a natural, sun-kissed tone

Ultra dark - a beautiful rich, bronze glow

No Matter what your natural skin colour is - fake tan is the perfect addition to your beauty regime, whatever your ideal result we have the a self-tanner that compliments your skin.

This is because each of our shades will work with the melanin in your skin to give you the most natural tan for your skin tone.

If you’re new to faux tanning take it slow, start with our Medium colour and leave it on for 4 hours after applying. You can even leave it on over night to deepen your final result!

So, whether you’re looking for an effortless, sun-kissed glow or a more intense tan, we have the perfect shade range to suit your needs.

Happy tanning!

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