Be Glowing

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This universal Glow set contains everything you need to BE GLOWING.
When time is of the essence our fast acting foam gives you a PRISTINE faux tan in a hurry, suitable for your face and body. 
Gift your skin a luxury healthy Glow . 

Contains 3 full size products
  1. Pristine Express Foam
  2. Decadence Face & Body
  3. Soft Velvet Tanning Mitt
“My mantra is "love the skin your in" with the right ingredients and guidance everyone can have beautiful healthy skin. Skincare and tan is more than just applying products to our skin. It's about making us feel amazing”

Sarah McGarry - Skin Therapist

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Soft Cotton

Coco, Sandalwood & Jasmine

Useable with psoriasis or eczema?




How long does it last

5-7 days

5-7 days

5-7 days


Tahiti Monoi Oil, Coconut Oil, Gardenia Petals & Vitamin B5

Aloe Vera, Coconut Oils, Citric Acid & Glycerin

Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera & Collagen

How long does it take to develop

4-8 hours

2-4 hours

4-8 hours

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